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How bidders get registered and download bid documents from NT E-bidding Site

Date : 2012-02-05

How bidders get registered and download bid documents from NT E-bidding Site
  • Bidders directly can not register into this system. To register bidder first submit online registration request. After submission of  registration form, bidder will get email from with a link. Bidder has to click that link. Once link is clicked, bidders registration request will be send to administrator of NT. NT administrator will verify his request and if bidders request is verified, he/she gets a confirmation email for logging into this system. In case bidders registration is rejected from NT administrator, bidder will get rejection email with reason for rejection. In the same mail he/she will get a link to edit his information and re-request for registration. [New]
  • There are 2 kinds of downloadable bid documents.  First kind of downloadable document can be downloaded by all. While to download second kind of downloadable bidder has to upload scanned copy valid bid purchase receipt. Once this valid purchase receipt is uploaded, corresponding NT Buyer verifies this. If uploaded scanned purchase receipt found valid by corresponding NT Buyer, bidder is allowed  to download the documents. [New]
  • Bidder can use their Document Management Section of Site, to store their common documents like VAT, Company Registration. They can use this DMS to just link to bid while submitting bid, this help saving their bid time considerably. [New]
  • Reports for the Bidder is also added. [New]
  • Bidder now upload and submit bid in multi-sessions (i.e. he can upload bid partially in many sessions before finally submitting it.) [New]
  • After upload of each document Bidder can view whether it uploaded correctly. [New]

Maximum size of bid document that a bidder can upload to this system is limited to 5 MB.

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