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Reference Documents
  1. Do I have to register as a bidder to bid?
    Yes. A bidder must register by providing the required information in the application form.
  2. How do I register as a bidder?
    For registration, interested bidder has to apply with essential information through the bidder registration form by clicking Sign Up New Bidder option in login box. After application, email verification link shall be sent to the email address provided by the bidder. Bidder shall click on the email verification link for e-bidding user account approval request. After approval, bidder registration will be completed. Bidder shall use their respective username and password to access the e-submission portal of NT.
  3. Does a bidder need to pay for registration?
  4. How do I register as a joint venture company?
    Except when the bidding document specifically permits Joint Venture company to participate, Joint Venture company is not encouraged to participate in the bidding process. In case the bidding document permits the participation of Joint Venture company, details will be specifically mentioned in the bidding document.
  5. Do I get the electronic form of bid documents from website?
    All necessary bidding documents in electronic form are available in this website. Bidder who wishes to submit the bid electronically may purchase the bid document directly from the NT office or may deposit the equivalent amount in the revenue account of NT specified in the notice or/and bid document to become the potential bidder for the bid.
  6. If I am bidding through e-submission, do I have to fill the bidding documents in conventional way?
    Yes. Bidder must fill and prepare the bidding documents in conventional manner as specified in the bidding documents. For e-submission purpose, all the bidding documents prepared by the bidder have to be scanned in pdf format and submitted through Nepal Telecom website. In case of e-submitted bids, submission of original bid in hard copy is not mandatory at the time of bid opening. However the bidder has to submit the hard copy within 7 days.

    Note- If any differences or conflicts are found between the electronic copy and the hard copy, the offered bid shall be considered as non responsive and will not be considered for further evaluation.
  7. Can bidder submit bid electronically as well as hard copy?
    Yes. But, if any differences or conflicts are found between the electronic copy and the hard copy, the offered bid shall be considered as non responsive and will not be considered for further evaluation.
  8. What are the minimum requirements that bidder needs for e-submission of bid?
    Bidder needs the following,

i)              Uninterruptible electricity power

ii)             Pentium III or above computer with 128MB RAM (minimum) and pdf writer version 5 or above

iii)            Scanner

iv)           Adequate Internet Connection

v)            Skilled computer operator for use of scanner and creating/opening pdf files.

  1. When can bidder submit the bid, electronically?
    NT e-procurement web portal will accept the e-submission of bid from the date of publication of bid notice till the deadline for e-submission. The standard time for e-submission is Nepal Standard time as set out on the server of Nepal Telecom.
  2. Can bidder submit withdrawal/modification through e-submission?
    Yes, only for e-submitted bids. Bidder may submit their withdrawal or modification of the e-submitted bids either through e-submission or in hard copy before the deadline of bid submission.
  3. Is e-submitted bid is secured and confidential?
    Yes. The e-bidding documents submitted are encrypted and not readable before bid opening date and time. NT e-procurement web portal does not allow any other party including NT to download or view the e-submitted bids till the bid opening date and time.

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