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Tender No NDCL/WCSD/NCB-01/076-77 for Data Entry Works of FTTH Access Network in GIS
Issued by Wireline and Customer Care Directorate, CHHAUNI
Tender Notice
Notice for Tender Invitation (First day of publication August 4, 2019) Tender No NDCL/WCSD/NCB-01/076-77 for Data Entry Works of FTTH Access Network in GIS Sealed Tender is invited for reputed and competent bidders, suppliers For Data Entry Works of FTTH Access Network in GIS under Tender No. NDCL/WCSD/NCB-01/076-77. A complete set of Tender Document may be purchased by any interested eligible bidder (Please refer to for Bidder’s Eligibility) on submission of a written application to the address given below and upon payment of non-refundable fees of NRs. 5,000.00 (Nepalese Rupees: Five Thousands Only). If the interested bidder wishes to collect the documents by courier service, additional NPR 8,000.00 (in words: Nepalese Rupees: Eight Thousand Only) will be charged to the bidder. In case, the last date of submission and opening of the Tender date happens to be an official holiday, the next working day will be deemed as the due date and the time will remain same as stipulated. Tender document on sale: August 04, 2019. Closing date and time : September 04, 2019,12.00 hrs. Opening date and time : September 04, 2019,12.30 hrs.
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