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Supply & Delivery of Optical fiber Drop cable / Notice No. NDCL/PD-BRT-SQ-04/077-78
Issued by Eastern Regional Directorate,Biratnagar
Tender Notice
Notice No. NDCL/PD-BRT-SQ-04/077-78, Supply & Delivery of Optical fiber Drop cable Information Published Date: Dec 18, 2020 As the office under this provincial directorate Biratnagar has to procure Optical fiber Drop cable. This information has been published to all the interested firms or organizations registered in the tax department to submit the sealed application form to this directorate within the date and time mentioned below. Registration Form Fee: Not refundable after Rs. 3,000 (Rs. 3,000 per letter only). Where to get the registration form, where to register and open: Nepal Telecom Provincial Directorate Biratnagar, Province NO.1, Morang. Darbhaupatra form sale start date: 2077 Poush 03. Last date to purchase Darbhaupatra form: 12:00 pm on 2077 Poush 18. Last date to submit the application form: 12:00 pm on 2077 Poush 18. Date of opening of Darbhaupatra: 12:30 pm on 2077 Poush 18. Deposit Bail: A cash guarantee or bank guarantee amount (including VAT) must be submitted. If there is a public holiday on the day of registration and opening of the application form, the registration and opening of the application form will be done at the time mentioned on the day of opening of the office. Note: Applicants wishing to participate through E-Bidding should submit their application form formally through Nepal Telecom's Web Site
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